We make ITSM implementation easy for you!

Depending on the form and objectives of the company, the introduction of an ITSM system is nowadays indispensable for the success of the entire company.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is defined according to today’s common standard as “the totality of measures and methods that are necessary to achieve the best possible support of business processes (BP) by the IT organization”. With the use of ITSM, the transformation of IT to customer and service orientation is achieved with the proviso that the IT increasingly meets the requirements for achieving the business objectives..

With ITSM, the purely technological view, including IT requirements, is supplemented by topics such as service delivery optimization and the use of IT services in terms of business process optimization.

In addition, the guarantee and monitoring of IT services visible to the customer is becoming increasingly important. By implementing defined control processes, the efficiency, quality and profitability of the respective IT organization is to be improved significantly.

Our services at a glance:

  • Definition and description of requirements for an orderly, reliable and repeatable IT operation
  • Definition and description of requirements with regard to customer and business processes
  • Implementation of these requirements in relevant (IT) services
  • Conception of the ITSM solution including selection of an appropriate ITSM provider
  • Procurement, implementation and testing of the selected ITSM solution, including transfer to productive operation

We support you in all these topics and are happy to take on operational responsibility for you. We are Sales & Technology Partner of USU Software AG, the largest European provider of IT service management software.

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